Office Snacking Should Be Easy.

Discover healthy snacks for every taste bud in your office.

We learn about your team.

Our dedicated team will spend time learning about every taste, preference and dietary restriction in your office. We’ll work with your budget to ensure that every Nibbler in your office is satisfied.

We customize & deliver free.

We’ll prepare a customized snack plan that is tailor-made for you and your office. Once you’re happy with your plan, we will schedule your delivery at a time that is easy and convenient for you.

We provide Nibbler support.

We have an efficient feedback system in place that allows you to submit actionable requests at your convenience. We adapt to your company’s tech and continually work to improve your experience.

Trusted by teams of all sizes.

Our Plans

Nibbler Box

Suggested Office Size

1-14 Employees


65+ Premium Snacks

Starting At

$119 per box

Muncher Box

Suggested Office Size

15-29 Employees


140+ Premium Snacks

Starting At

$209 per box

Smart Kitchen

Suggested Office Size

30+ Employees


∞ Premium Snacks

Starting At

$250 per week

A healthy variety for every taste bud.

We guarantee to please everyone's unique tastes and needs. We are always looking to bring you new and exciting snacks, so you’ll never get bored.

Free, convenient & flexible delivery.

No matter which plan you select, we guarantee a seemless and easy delivery process.

Increased Office Efficiency.

Because we take care of ordering, stocking and maintaining your snacks, we guarantee that we will save you time.