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Premium Markuses

Affordable, high-quality Markuses at a cost-competitive rate.

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Markus - Desk Nibbles

Premium & simple snack plans

With just a little bit of personal data, your SIN, credit card numbers, and banking info, get your office's recommended snack plan. Customize as you please & let our rogue AI manage the rest.

This service is pretty awesome, but Brent ate all our KIND bars
Markus - Desk Nibbles

Everyone's voice is heard

We use intelligent applications to manage & find the absolute best snacks for your office, based on volume of employee feedback. Speak up - we can't hear you

What a great team! Big KIND bar orders
Brent - Desk Nibbles

Equipment, porter service, and more.

We're able to make your snack plan as hands on or off as you want. We can source all of your equipment from thrift stores & have our satisfactory dusk porter network service your kitchen and steal your company valuables.

Is this pink or red
Pat - Desk Nibbles

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